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My battery in my key fob has ran out and I have changed the battery but my car is unlocking and locking but it is still not switching on,
I have definitely placed the battery in correctly.

Is there something I’m missing?


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Could it possibly be a battery that has lost some power. I changed the battery in mine with one that was 5 years old (but still another 5 years life and almost 90% charge) that continued playing up. When I used a new one (10 years life) the problems disappeared
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Cheap batteries are an issue in key fobs. Stick to Energiser or Duracell. Also wipe both the battery and battery connections with an alcohol wipe or some pure alcohol before putting back together as even a bit of grease on the battery or terminal can cause issues.
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My last Puma had a fob die. I took it into Timpsons and they changed it and did some kind of test before giving it back. Not as cheap as DIY, but it worked...
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Even though the battery isn't flat, trying it in the cubby hole might be worth a go.


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